Heidi Smith-Miranda Ballroom Dance Instruction
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 Foxtrot and Swing
Timing: slow, slow, quick, quick
Notes: The first 2 steps of the basic should be much like walking a pace.

1. Basic: Leader starts left foot forward. Two walking steps then a small side step
2. Hesitation Step
3. Left Rock Turn
4. Promenade
5. Promenade Underarm turn
6. Solo turns from Promenade

Swing (Single Step Swing)
Timing: slow. slow, quick, quick or 6 count: 1 2, 3 4, 5 6 (5-6 is the rock step)
Notes: Knees soft, weight over balls of feet including the rock step, spring connection, sway body side to side

1. Basic: Leader starts left foot in place or slightly to the side (sway then step, sway then step, rock step)
2. She goes/He goes (She goes clockwise, He goes counter-clockwise)

Note that for all partner dances partners position themselves parallel and offset slightly to the left                       of their partner

Thanks everyone!